Love the pizza and garlic wings. good admosphere. fish dinner is one of the best in the area. excellent beef barley soup.
Thomas - Nov 7, 2010

We have been going to Twin Trees II for years and love it.
Linda - Nov 21, 2010

Wonderful restaurant. Looking forward to returning with friends!
David - Oct 13, 2010 

The staff is always very welcoming and friendly. The food is consistently good. It is great to have such a good neighborhood restaurant to go to that is also affordable. Thank you
Janet - Sep 1, 2010

Twin Trees Too! is one of our favorite places for Pizza
Marlene - Sep 29, 2010 

Very busy night. Ordered 2 pizzas plus salad and tea. Have enough for lunch and dinner today.
Sharon - Aug 24, 2010

 Best Pizza Going!
Annette - Dec. 9, 2010

 Great place to eat, good food and good staff.
James - Jan 6, 2011

I have always enjoyed the food at all of the Twin Trees Restaurants, it is tasty and excellent quality for the price.
Patrice - July 29, 2010 

 love twin trees---best pizza in town!
Maggie - Aug 8, 2010

The waiter was awesome, the food was great and the atmosphere was very nice, overall we had a wonderful dining experience.
 Kelly Aug 1, 2010

"I was on vacation in the area from July 23 to July 26, 2009 and we went twice for dinner here. The second time we requested Andrew to be our waiter because he did such a good job when we were there the same week. Will go again and again. You need to try the Stuffed Cherry Peppers if you are into hot spicy food. They are great!"

"I grew up on the West End, Twin Trees and I were born the same year. They've been an excellent supporter of the CNY area. My Little League team was sponsored by them in 1969. One reviewer said it was dated 70's-80's decor, you must be young my friend. The decor was the same in the 50's and 60's. The pizza was just as good when I was back in Syracuse last Sep 08 as it was in 1968. The first thing my kids ask each year when we go back to Syracuse is, "When are we going to Twin Trees.?" I am a Certified Travel Counselor with 31 years experience eating around the world. Twin Trees is the kind of local gem, experienced travelers salivate for and are never disappointed. My friends from here in Washington DC who have been to Syracuse with us, rave about Twin Trees. I say go enjoy and be happy."

"This is just one of those places people just love and I understand why. The food is very good, the prices are good and service is always good. It's not too big of a place, but doesn't take forever to get a table either. The pizza and wings here are the best! The rest of the menu is great too, but man it's tough to pass on the pizza and wings!"

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